Sunday, August 3, 2014


I did this barbarian a while back! I didn't get to upload it on the blog, so doing it now, finally!! I'm also uploading a step by step. I got a lot of questions how I did this, so here you go! hope this helps :) Here are the line drawing i did,
here the finish
Here a step by step of it
Its pretty big file, but for now I've failed to figure why isn't blogger showing this file in its original size even if I tell it to :/ So i'm putting up a drop box link for now, Until I figure something out, mew mew :3. DROPBOX LINK--------------> BARBARIAN PROCESS DB [UPDATE] OK so deviantart gives you a bigger and actual version of the file!! :B So here the link to that if in case the dropbox doesn't work. Here you go my lame process. DEVIANTART LINK------------> BARBARIAN PROCESS

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