Saturday, May 25, 2013


I'm Finally done from school! Four years from now I started my journey at the academy of arts. Coming from Pakistan having a language barrier, culture difference, home sickness feeling, missing my friends and coming from an engineering background, let me say IT WASN'T easy AT ALL!!! However I overcame it all slowly and steadily and worked really hard to the point I got carpal tunnel which is not good. I'd like to thank all my awesome teachers for helping me, especially Craig Nelson for bearing me while I ate his brains xD. All the awesome people I met here who were and remain my inspiration thank you Evan Davies, Richard Healy, Alfredo, Hannah Stephens and Diane Wu for looking out for me yesterday when i was in lots of pain T_T thanks guys! On that note i will post my very first drawing which i did 4.5 years from today when I was about to start (I was 17 then and I was so proud of myself lol) school so everyone can have a good laugh at me, and i thought I was good. This is fanart of ff12 btw.
Also I'm working on this personal project and THIS serves as the cover page for it. I'll upload other stuff I have maybe tomrw. There are so many things I did but unfortunatly I cant post them up because they are amazingly crappy
the work flow for this