Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thumbnails , isometric characters and discoveries

So here are my thumbnails.I took my sweet time with these, watching dramas, history channels, eating food and playing video games. My spring break was fun and I discovered that my neighbors are some guy who works at Pixar and some monks. The monks were awesome. One them is like a warrior monk and I'm totally gonna get him to pose for me muahahahaha. I got around to be active as well, which I think I should make a part of my daily routine and not be lazy. I think doing thumbnail is like the super fun part of making an illustration or coming up with a concept. I like doing my thumbnails in pen and ink, helps you see the big shape and design you come with around it. fun fun fun! Anyways here the 100 thumbnails and then their variations.
These are the characters, I wanted to do more design stuff, if i get time to :/.
Okay time to get back to work......soooooooooooooooooo much stuff! T-T


  1. whoa! these are awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the next stages of your project :)

  2. looking great!!!!! cant wait to see your final presentation! woohooooo! good luck and dont burn out!!!!!!

  3. Awesome! I like your little sketches around the composition thumbnails :D I might visit your final class~

  4. OHHHH Snap. Looking good girl.