Thursday, September 17, 2015

Break time

Just trying to get some studies going either in my sketchbook or digital whenever I find myself on break or after the break. Sometimes just working on freelance gets stale. Not saying the freelance is boring or anything cause its SUPER FUN! and always pushing me more than I would do myself. Stale as in you look at it for too long and then you cant really tell anymore whats going on. So i either work on two things and switch to something else or try to do these studies. I mean im no pro but its always fun. I try to keep them loose but it rather difficult to do that aswell. Here are the studies for now aaaaaaaaaaaand I'll post again soon.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Seargent study

study from my favorite painter Sargent! Finally! I always wanted to do it. I just had alotta bad luck with it cause like either Photoshop crashes or shut the pc down without saving. I don't know why but this one always had that. Finally kicked myself to do this. Was trying to study his brush strokes cause what I want to tackle in my own paintings. I was doing a little 3d too but then when I start doing 3D i start feeling guilty that I still do get better at painting. Its the only thing i can do fairly decent but I NEED TO MASTER IT. I don't know if that's just my own paranoia. Most likely it is. :B

Friday, August 28, 2015

plane study 2 and sketch

2 hours for colors and what not. Its not bad after all doing tech stuff you only need to get the accurate lines and after that everything is the same xD. Just gotta practice this more now. :B
Also did this 30 min sketch before bed last night.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

plane study

did a line drawing study of a plane! finally doing some tech drawing or trying to xD Line drawing for now maybe i paint it soon!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Study from el cerrito hills

I found this cute car while taking a walk in the el cerrito hills. alotta pretty scenic views around here if you walk in the evening. This is 2 hour painting however i divided it into 4 days 30 hours each, sho i getsh shome work done :3

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lazy thursdays

Just sketching things out and taking a break from regular work. This month my whole routine have been so off cause of ramamdhan. Its so hard to get any work done let alone get some spare time to sketch for fun. I am also trying to play couple games too. Nier and Ori and Arkham knight but there just isn't any time and then of course home chores and cooking and cleaning. Sometimes I wish I can stop time and have some spare time to just draw without any worries, any stress. >.< But of course that can NEVER happen *sigh* So how do we tackle that just take break from and draw something out. However, (yes there is however xD) when I do that I just get too carried away in the fun of spare time drawing and forget about my work lol. Just gotta be discipline I guess. So I started this while waiting for a friend, it was wandom. I call this series waiting for THE friend, because the only time I get to work on this is when I'm waiting for her.
and then when I was waiting for her again the next time, I did this
And then this was I guess the next time I was waiting for her I did this
I think from here onI cant do this anymore while sitting at a cafe, now it needs work at home lol. So still gotta figure out the hands and that if the new cropping is gonna work or not. xD

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Studies and sketchess

This is a study I started and then couple old sketches that I wanted to upload but so many things to take care of. Also yesterday was my birthday which ended up pretty randomly. Well not that random but it started with me being at home and then ended up in a birthday cake and dinner even though we had to drop someone off xD. So yea I wasn't expecting cause my family had some plans and my man had some other plan and I have no clue how different plans randomly came together. I got some purple flowers and bllllllllllllue e roses! I looooooooooove purples and blues <3 faaaaaaaves and another gift too. here are my flowies and gift from la famalia!!
and then on to sketches and studies some from workshop and some form not xD these are usually 1 min 2mins and the 5 mins
and then a just a 40 mins study before bed i guess it was last week
>.< #flowers #happy #art

Monday, June 22, 2015

freelance stuff and contracts you should sign while taking freelance

This is one of the freelance I worked on now im allowed to show it. Its for Cryptozoic entertainment. I have done couple other work for them but they aren't out yet. Hopefully I can upload them soon. So since we are here showing our freelance stuff, I wanted to mention about contract work. This isn't something recent but from 2013. It is the time, when I was partly looking for freelance. I came across this company called sky soul. The guy I talked to his name was Justin and he seemed pretty nice. They gave me a contract for 5 pieces which means I get paid after completing all 5 pieces (please don't ever sign contract like these). Firstly, it was pretty low paid and their demands for that rate were pretty high. Even though the example he showed me weren't that good. There was a lot of fixing they asked for which is fine I guess, comes with the work turf. After completing the first piece I started with the 2nd and completed that one too. During this time I was also working at Kabam and I told this guy that I am. After he received the file for 2nd psd he just stopped contacting me for the third one. He never got back to me. I sent him like more than 10 emails or so I believe on his email, on the website info email and to some of his colleagues email. So I started looking for some artist who have worked for them. I contacted them to contact this guy on my behalf and tell him to get back to me. So two of the kind artist gladly did. He told them because I responded late one the 2nd piece ( which I already talked to him about and he okayed it) he doesn't want to work with me anymore. The artist told them whatever the reason was you should be professional and talk to her rather than ignoring the thing. He denied he got any emails from me and even though the artist told him he still didn't get back to me. I then decided it was futile to pursue this and that I should let this go. I talked to one of the artist who told me that they made them copy legend of cryptids stuff and change very minor things. So basically they were just making bad copies of the legend of cryptids cards. boooooooooooooooooooooooo The moral of the story always ask for separate contract per piece unless you really trust the client you are working for. Anyways here the piece, hope you enjoy.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sketches and what not

Just been busy with work but occasionally sketching in between to take a break every once in a while. I have been thinking about uploading for so long but i always get lazy in doing that. There a lot more which i need to take photos of and upload, but for now this will do. Just been trying improve while tackling work and different sort of subject matter which I haven't done before. Things been seeming a little better because I'm trying to take point of view of different artist friends. Seeing and taking their approach open up a lot of different dimensions which I didn't even think of. xD Forgive my dirty sketches because i draw in whatever is around me not only just a sketchbook xD.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

on location Kennedy grove

been sketching and going outside in the beautiful weather to sketch and relax. This is from Kennedy grove because its absolutely fun and beautiful out there I had to do this. I still need to a better digital set up for on location painting.....myah! :3