Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Studies and sketchess

This is a study I started and then couple old sketches that I wanted to upload but so many things to take care of. Also yesterday was my birthday which ended up pretty randomly. Well not that random but it started with me being at home and then ended up in a birthday cake and dinner even though we had to drop someone off xD. So yea I wasn't expecting cause my family had some plans and my man had some other plan and I have no clue how different plans randomly came together. I got some purple flowers and bllllllllllllue e roses! I looooooooooove purples and blues <3 faaaaaaaves and another gift too. here are my flowies and gift from la famalia!!
and then on to sketches and studies some from workshop and some form not xD these are usually 1 min 2mins and the 5 mins
and then a just a 40 mins study before bed i guess it was last week
>.< #flowers #happy #art

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