Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lazy thursdays

Just sketching things out and taking a break from regular work. This month my whole routine have been so off cause of ramamdhan. Its so hard to get any work done let alone get some spare time to sketch for fun. I am also trying to play couple games too. Nier and Ori and Arkham knight but there just isn't any time and then of course home chores and cooking and cleaning. Sometimes I wish I can stop time and have some spare time to just draw without any worries, any stress. >.< But of course that can NEVER happen *sigh* So how do we tackle that just take break from and draw something out. However, (yes there is however xD) when I do that I just get too carried away in the fun of spare time drawing and forget about my work lol. Just gotta be discipline I guess. So I started this while waiting for a friend, it was wandom. I call this series waiting for THE friend, because the only time I get to work on this is when I'm waiting for her.
and then when I was waiting for her again the next time, I did this
And then this was I guess the next time I was waiting for her I did this
I think from here onI cant do this anymore while sitting at a cafe, now it needs work at home lol. So still gotta figure out the hands and that if the new cropping is gonna work or not. xD

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