Monday, April 21, 2014

Sketching sketching

So I've been sketching for the past few days and studying and visiting events that I haven't been too before, keeping myself away from digital art for sometime. I did started some sketches which according to my friend were quite violent, lol , but I assure you they do have a meaning behind them. I shall be uploading them soon. For now I'm uploading this sketch I did of my sister the other day. She has been asking me to sketch or paint her for quite sometime now, but you know its one of those afraid feelings of not painting your own family members in case if it doesn't turn out good. I decided to sketch her while watching the last and intense episode of this anime called D.grayman which we left watching about 2 or 3 years ago. (not a very good choice)lol. The sketch turned out her exact likeness, however I figured it was on a piece of tissue paper lol. Thanks to the digital age that i can snap it and save it. That tissue paper isn't going to a long life after all XD. Here is the sketch, I'll be uploading my other stuff hopefully tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing great and having a wonderful time.