Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And pieces that are in my things to do folder.........

I just keep on forgetting that I need to keep this blog up (^-^''). There are so many things that I have. Whenever I start them, I'm like I'll finish them aaaaaaaaaaaaand that day never comes. I did these in May this year but never got to finish them, hopefully this break, I can finish these. I wanted to do this portrait of Audrey Hepburn, simply because I love her and she is awesome. I was watching "The Nun's Story" with my mum and then I wanted to paint her. I took 2 photos and did the sketch from those and then started to color. Here I'm about 1 hour maybe a couple more minute in.
Then I started Korra, because I couldn't wait for the show to start and I wanted to do fanart, since I haven't done those in a long time. I started this and never finished because things were turning out really wrong. I never do characters with block ins and thats what I did here. I started this one with a block in and I confess IT WAS A BAD IDEA!!!!! she started turning out ugly and out of proportion, sooooooooooo I did a quick sketch and left it there. But I'm promising myself that as soon as this semester ends I SHALL FINISH THESE.....even though I'll be having a tons of relatives over ;-:......things are always hard for me *sniff* *sniff* lol ....Oh well back to work for me, soooooo many relatives always visiting and distracting me.


  1. I love your sketch, there is something about it...I like that loose free feeling! It is great to see what you have been working on :-)

    1. Thanks Xiau- Fong, havn't seen you in long time! Come out of your hiding!

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